A Tribute to John (not Lennon)

My boyfriend, John, says that I sound grumpy in most of my posts. Also, he has asked why I hardly ever mention him. So this (positive and cheery) entry is dedicated to him. Yay!!!

I’m a private person, so I’m not going to post a picture of him. However, one of my nicknames for him is “pups”, so below is a pretty good puppy representation of him.

Goofy puppy!! Like John. Run, John, run!

If John was a puppy, this is how he would be, running with clumsy splayed paws like a big goof through the snow and yes, chewing on the head of some poor toy (wait, is that an Angry Bird stuffed animal?) while grinning at and daring you to do something about it. He would also screech to a stop right in front of you when you least expect it, spraying dirt all over the place while shaking himself and splattering drool on your feet and legs. That mischievous and wacky joy you see on that puppy’s silly face? That’s John.

Puppy John wouldn’t be very obedient, he would leave nose smudge marks on every glass door and window, and unfortunately, he would be one of those dogs that sniffs you and others at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places. He would also try to subtly hump your leg, not knowing that there is absolutely no way to surreptitiously hump someone.

But, he would also like to snuggle next to you on the couch, pressing up against you until you realize that he’s taking up 95% of the space through his sheer efforts to get as close to you as possible. And then he would nudge your hand with his head while making small whining noises as a signal for you to start scratching his ears. If someone even moves in a threatening manner towards you, he would instantly stand in front of you protectively, perhaps even attack and knock down the person if necessary.

Puppy John would bowl you over through the power of love and adoration alone.

Puh-leeze let me in! I LURVE YOU!!

See? There he is, all earnest and cute with his gooey eyes, waiting for the right moment to sniff and lick your face with a large swipe of his tongue and then run away from you, laughing all the while.

So as a tribute to his love (and mine), below is a short list – in no particular order – of only a few things out of the many that I love about (Puppy) John.


  • Is adorable!
  • And sexy!
  • Looks after me, making sure that I attend my doctor’s appointments, eat well, stay warm, etc.
  • Cooks (grills) for me.
  • Never complains about “food not being ready for him on the table” or some chauvinistic nonsense.
  • Contributes to doing household chores, like laundry.
  • Is funny and goofy.
  • Has a big heart.
  • Is nurturing and deeply caring.
  • Likes to laugh.
  • Also likes to grab my ass, which is fun!
  • Is snugly and warm.
  • Has awesome hair.
  • Smells good pretty much all the time, which is actually not so common when it comes to men.
  • Likes my friends!
  • Has great ones of his own!
  • Has gone through experiences eerily similar to mine.
  • Gets me.

So there you go. If you meet Puppy John, you would totally understand why I needed to post this one tribute to him!

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