Whole Foods, You Caved to Amazon?!!? Just Don’t Take the Soup Away!!!


I always said that Amazon was going to rule the world one day. And here they are, buying Whole Foods. Why? I dunno. I’m sure I can come up with my personal hypothesis as to this strategic move since they are entering the whole “Prime Pantry” and “Amazon Food Delivery” sectors, but…it’s Whole Foods. Leave it alone!!

The one protest I have about this is that I would love it if Whole Foods doesn’t change their soup recipes too much. I am a lover of soup. I don’t know why, except that perhaps I am the world’s slowest eater with the smallest appetite and soup is comforting and easy to chow down on.

I told my boyfriend that I am very atypical when it comes to eating. As an Asian, I mean, because per a previous entry I guess I’m not 100% Asian and at this point in the learning of my family genetics, perhaps I am about only 50%, so maybe it’s not surprising. As a race, Asians love to eat. If we had  our choice, all Asians would simply sit down and eat and drink and talk all day at a big table with a bunch of their friends. While mysteriously making money while eating.

I, on the other hand, eat very slowly (I also don’t have that many friends, so it would be a small table). I am the slowest eater I know. I can take one meal and struggle through it all day and not finish it. It’s gotten even worse the past few years. I have to force myself to eat food; it’s not that I don’t crave anything, I watch Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and other similar shows and want everything I see on screen but then when it comes to the actual sitting down and consuming of food…it’s difficult. I’ll eat a few bites and then just sit there, looking sadly down at the rest of the food. I don’t know why, except that perhaps my mother forced me to finish my meal when I was younger, every single piece of whatever it was on my plate.

You do NOT even know how delicious these things are. They are these Chinese, beef-filled fried dumpling thingies. Sigh…

I was extremely skinny when I was a kid. So much so that the school called up my mother one day and asked if my family needed financial assistance in food subsidies to help feed me since the nurse thought I may be malnourished.

This sent my mother into a frenzy as the last thing she wanted anyone to think was that she was maltreating her daughters due to lack of financial resources. But there I was, all thin arms and legs, so she decided to fatten me up.

We had a nanny who was assigned to me to ensure that I ate every scrap of food I was given. This started around the age I was six. There were evenings when I sat there all night, four to five hours, just staring down into my bowl or at my plate and I still remember how my nanny used to plead, “Please just finish it, please just take a few more bites.”

I would try because she would almost be crying; a grown woman sitting there with a little girl, hour after hour, looking at a congealing sop of soup or rice or whatever else it was. I’m not sure now why she didn’t cheat, why she didn’t throw the food away, but I guess she had some sense of honor.

I felt really bad for her so I pushed through, even though it took me forever. I did, because if someone is basically shedding tears in order to be free of her duties and that stupid, stupid dinner table based solely on something you alone can do, wouldn’t you do it? You would. I did. But I think it scarred me for life, all those nights being forced to eat all the food that was put in front of me.

So one of the easiest meal choices for me is usually soup. And Whole Foods actually has great soup. I sincerely hope that they don’t fuck it up and make them all goopy and fatty and gross because most of their recipes…are actually pretty yummy. And take it from me, from someone who needs to be enticed to eat, their soup is pretty good for a grocery store chain. Whole Foods…don’t give in!!

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