I did a bunch of research on blogs before starting my own. And the main piece of advice people gave was “Choose a Theme”. Such as a site on crafting new recipes for various ethnic cuisines. Or collecting velvet paintings. Or handcrafting your own tools from a homemade forge. Or taking pictures of weird looking trees.

This is not one of those sites.

I refuse to post cutesy photos of my DYI projects or me in an adorable apron serving up a platter of delectable yummies. My life is not an arts and crafts project; neither is it singular in its purpose. I have a multitude of interests and want to explore many more.

I decided that My Musings Great and Small will be a straight-up blog with no aim on my part to commercialize it into a product. This site will simply be about my thoughts and observations to encourage people to share their own. Back to the basics, I guess.

So…no theme!

I hope anyone visiting my site just enjoys exploring the content. Thanks to those who stop by!

Photo credit for header: www.flickr.com/photos/madmarv/14281045655