I don’t claim to be interested in photography. Composition, lighting, framing of the subject…yawn. I think there are already too many people who claim to be “amateur photographers” when in actuality they are just people with cell phones.

But I do like taking pictures, mainly because I usually regret it later when I don’t. So this page will be dedicated to pics I have taken.

Sunset After Storm From My Rooftop Deck, September 2016

I love that golden color.

Loch Raven Reservoir, September 2016

Loch Raven reservoir is a great place to go, especially during the weekends. The city shuts down the major street circling the reservoir each Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. People can jog, skate, cycle, or just take a walk to enjoy the scenery.

I went hiking over a weekend back in September and it was beautiful up there; all blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

I love that swing.
The sky was so blue and vast that day.
What seemed like endless road.

Crazy Glorious Sunset From My Rooftop Deck, September 2016

One of the great things about having a rooftop deck is that you get to view sunsets. And some of them are crazy wonderful.

What was going on that day? I have no idea.
Oh my lord. It was glorious.

Panama and Costa Rica, July 2016

These photos are from  my first vacation with my boyfriend, John. We went to a cute eco-camp in Bocas del Toro with his friends and drifted through warm waters, drank cocktails and beers, ate way too much, and basically lazed around. It was fun hanging out with the crowd while also having the luxury of being able to wander off on our own. I was still recovering from some medical issues at the time so wasn’t 100% up to speed, physically, but I also indulged in some kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

I was born and raised on a tropical island, so it was fantastic and kind of healing to swim in the warm, comforting waters of the ocean again.

We then headed to San Jose in Costa Rica, which was fun since we experienced more of an urban vibe. I loved padding through the streets and looking at vendor stalls and honestly, just being with John and our friends.

Bocas del Toro, Panama. Pretty much as close to heaven as you can get.
This kind of reminded me of those piers off of the lakes in Massachusetts.
Early morning in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Gunpowder Falls State Park, Middle River, Memorial Day 2016

I used to run along the trails through a Gunpowder Falls park when I was in college and it was one of those dirty, gritty ones near Hopkins (like I had the time to go anywhere else on my own? I was always studying for exams!).

Therefore, it was a total surprise to me earlier this year that there are state parks that are actually beautiful, serene, and fun! At a very cheap cost ($10 entry fee? I think). My boyfriend, John, and I went to one over memorial day weekend this year (ahem, due to my research to try to treat us to a nice holiday experience, I might add). There was a ton of people and some set up entire camps, with grills and huge coolers and bags of food which they then proceeded to cook.

People take this shit seriously.

It was great! I didn’t even know stuff like this existed. Kids were swimming in the lake and people were lounging around in tents (TENTS!) and of course, I barreled towards the best spot that I could find when we got there, laying down our blankie and claiming a fantastic spot under a tree. Yes, I am that shameless.

Happiness abounds!

Right around this time, I was still recovering from some medical issues so couldn’t move around very well; I was hobbling on what felt to me like clay feet and basically trying to function like a normal person. It was not a great time for me. But being at the park helped since I was able to lay down on the ground and soak up the sun.

John also started sniffing the air when the group beside us began to grill their chicken; he boldly went over and told the chief chef how yummy the food smelled (which it did) in a very transparent effort to score a lunch. He succeeded. The guy came over afterwards and gave us some of the delicious chicken, but to be fair, we also gave him some beers.

It was a fantastic time and I am planning for us to go back next summer since we didn’t have the time to go for another round of fun this year and maybe we can go with our friends and their kids, who would love to splash around in the water.

Vista After a Rainstorm, June 2015

Does God exist? Maybe.


Holy what? Gorgeous.

Argentina, February 2015

I went to Argentina in February 2015 to attend and celebrate the wedding of my friend, Jacob and his partner, Ashe. It was the first time I had ever been to a South American country. I was ecstatic to be there for Jacob and happy that I was able to cross off a continent on my travel list. It was beautiful.

Blue vistas everywhere.

Dewey Beach, Delaware, August 2014

I am not much for Ocean City, Dewey Beach, or Bethany. Especially the foremost. In the summer and fall seasons, they draw crowds who want to let loose and party. Ocean City is a common destination for college students on spring break.

I went to Dewey Beach because I had never been there; also, I had volunteered for The Tyanna Foundation ( ) which has an event there every year. I had tons of fun with my friends at the local bars and drinking the Dewey Beach specialities and eating greasy slices of pizza after a long night of partying, but all in all, it’s somewhere that I think you need to view with some emotional distance in order to really enjoy. Especially since if you actually go out every night as a woman, you’ll have to contend with the slobbery fools that just want to get laid. Just saying.

Sailing into the sunset.
Wouldn’t you want to be on that boat, bobbing in the water?

Grand Prix in Baltimore, 2012

Yeah, Baltimore pretty much sucked ass and blew our chances as a national venue with the Grand Prix. We’re just not built to host a racing event through the streets of a city which has made each and every single car I have ever owned and driven in Baltimore rattle their mufflers loose. My current car, Lola (I call her “Lollers”, as in “Please, Lollers, hang in there!!”) is suffering the same demise.

My solution, given my lack of finances, is simply to turn my music up. I’ve got a lot of expenditures to worry about and due to my longtime experience in driving cars that have suffered injury from being driven around the streets of Baltimore, I know she’ll still operate and hang in there. For now.

We don’s get much excitement around these parts. We’ll take what we can.